Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Erika Scott
Frozen Home

Opening Saturday 5 July 5-8pm, continues until 26 July

Eye’ve been accumulating and modifying hand-made and pre-loved goods for my exhibition Frozen Home. Frozen Home becomes a point where unsystematic methods of collecting meet with processes of binding, tearing and other collage-like strategies.

 When modifying objects eye like to accentuate various conditions of control and amorous gesture, and eye understand these works to articulate my desire to represent 'things' as they are, and a need to draw geometric and allegorical content from them. Caught-up in these processes, eye see myself scrambling classification and valuation systems, particularly those residing from domestic realms.

 Eye also try to allow objects to attain a process of curiosity, one of looking beyond, through, or seeing out of something, But eye also get caught up in spaces where there is a tendency to blend, disguise and cover-up. These processes articulate my preoccupation with boundaries and their collapse and where my aim to disconcert is stronger than to satisfy.

Image: Erika Scott, Frozen Home, digital image2014

The Walls - Contemporary Art Space
4/18 Mountain View Avenue, Miami, QLD 4220
Open Friday - Sunday 10am - 3pm or by appointment.  Closed public holidays

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